New Fabrics, wallpapers and decorative pillows
Just introduced - the beginnings of several new lines of fabric (which can also be made as wallpaper), and decorative pillows. These first images are pulled from studio archives - and are a giant leap forward! You'll see the fabrics in the store....but read on....

For all my years in design, one would be limited in fabric choices to the currently popular color palette and the limitations inherent in the costs of setting up silk screen printing.  Now, however, printers have come so far that any design can be printed on many many fabrics - in quantities as small as 1 yard, or in whole bolts.  The base fabrics range from cottons to canvas to silks to knits, and are 40-58” wide - Wonderful for keeping costs of upholstery, draperies and decorative items down.  The pattern images I show in the Store are just starting points.  One can change the background to any color - and even change the colors of the images themselves.  That leaves the doors wide open for creative flexibility.  I’ve also taken photos and original art from my portfolio as examples of what can be transferred onto fabric for pillows and other decorative pieces.  Amazing - flexible - less expensive than “designer” fabrics (even at the designer wholesale prices) - and of a quality equal to the silk screens used for so many years.  This is such fun!  You can have a fabric which is exclusively yours!  In any design that fits your plans - and without paying the big prices which now dominate the market.  Call me!  Let’s explore what might work for you!!

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